Adaptogen Powder Packets by Goldmine Adaptogens

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Fulfilled by our friends at Goldmine Adaptogens

A box of 10 packets (2g of powder per packet) of Goldmine Adaptogen™ Powder—a tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, ashwagandha, astragalus, and cordyceps.

Conveniently packaged in a single serve packet.

Please note that the label you receive might be different than shown in the photo.

Powder supports — 
🌿Stress management
Increased mental & physical stamina
🌿Enhanced focus
Boosts immunity

How to use — 
Add packet daily to drinks and foods like coffee, smoothies, juice, tea, or even water. 

How much to use — 
Use 1 full packet daily, or you may break up into 2 servings. 

Full Ingredients List — 

🌿Reishi mushroom*
🌿Chaga mushroom*
🌿Cordyceps mushroom*

 *USDA certified organic

Milligrams Per Packet (2 grams) Serving — 

🌿Reishi mushroom - 400 mg 
🌿Chaga mushroom - 400 mg 
🌿Cordyceps mushroom - 280 mg 
🌿Astragalus - 280 mg 
🌿Ashwagandha - 280 mg 
🌿Rosehips - 50 mg



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Adaptogen Powder Packets by Goldmine Adaptogens
Sale price$25.00

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