You just got your Zombie Myco All In One Mushroom Grow Bag. Now what do you do? 

Supplies you will need:

  1. Sterile Grow Bag (Included)
  2. Alcohol Wipe (Included)
  3. Gloves (Included)
  4. Flame
  5. Spores / LC syringe

Step #1 - "Inoculate"

  • Setup a freshly cleaned hard surface such as a counter top.
  • Put on the nitrile gloves included in the kit. 
  • Use the included alcohol wipes on the black injection port. 
  • Flame sterilize the tip of the needle of your spore syringe so it is red hot. 
  • Stick the needle directly through the injection port. 
  • Inject 5cc of spores/lc. (depends on how thick your solution is). Store unused spores/lc in the fridge for future use. 
  • Place bag in a cool dark location. 60-75 degrees. 
Wait ~3 Weeks 
(LC is much faster than spores)
(Some spores take full 3 weeks)

Step #2 - "Mix"

  • Ensure grain is at least 50-100% colonized with white mycelium.
  • Gently break up mycelium growth. 
  • Fully mix grain layer and substrate layer together. 
  • Return bag to cool dark location

Wait ~3 Weeks 

Step #3 - "Fruit"

  • Ensure your fruiting block is now 100% colonized. 
  • Gently inflate the bag with sterile air by holding up the top of the bag till the bag is fully inflate.
  • Place the bag in a location that gets daily light (around 8-14 hours). Mushrooms don't need much light, a simple florescent bulb is fine. They prefer light in the 5000-6000k light spectrum. 

Wait ~2 Weeks 

Step #4 - "Harvest"

  • It is time to harvest once the mushroom's "veil" breaks (This is the protective covering on the underside of the mushroom gills).  Note this is the general rule of thumb, and really depends on the genetics. 
  • Cut the top of the bag open. 
  • Twist mushrooms by the base. 
  • Enjoy! 


Can I Get Another Flush? 

This really depends on how good your first flush was. If you had a killer first flush, then it is very possible that all the nutrients are used up already. Our large 5lb all in one bag will consistently output 2-3oz of dried mushrooms. If you already got 2oz+ on flush #1, then it really is not be worth it to wait around for flush number #2. Remember, its always better to have a big first flush, then try to piece it together with multiple flushes. This comes with experience, however some genetics make this easier for you. 


Also keep in mind that getting a second flush is HIGHLY dependent on keeping contamination out of your fruiting block. You will have an extremely hard time getting any mushrooms at all if you start seeing contamination. You must toss it out and start fresh if this happens. Limiting contamination is done by:

  • Starting with 100% clean cultures. 
  • Testing cultures first on agar to ensure they are clean. 
  • Following sterile procedures when inoculating the bag. 
  • Not letting the bag get to warm. 


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