Premium Grade Vermiculite - Soil Amendment and Plant Growth Enhancement

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🌱【Premium Grade Vermiculite 】-5 lbs bag of premium vermiculite excellent in enhancing soil and fostering optimal growth.Made from natural minerals, they hold water well keeping your mushrooms hydrated as they grow

🌿【Healthy Roots & Nutrient Uptake】-Improved soil air flow means nutrients are absorbed well promoting healthy roots and growth

🌡️ 【Temperature control 】-It helps spores withstand extreme temperatures


🪴Potting Mixes: Incorporate Vermiculite into your potting soil to improve moisture retention and aeration.

🌱Seed Starting: Create a seed starting mix by combining Vermiculite with compost and peat moss for an ideal germination environment.

🌺Garden Beds: Work Vermiculite into garden beds to improve soil structure and moisture retention, promoting healthier plants.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this versatile soil conditioner will revolutionize your gardening endeavors. Embrace the essence of nature and elevate your gardening journey with our Premium Grade Vermiculite.

Why Choose ZombieMyco’s Premium Grade Vermiculite?

We only use the best. High Grade vermiculite is like a secret ingredient for mushroom growing. It helps the mushrooms hold more water leaving them thriving and flourishing.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I'm amazed by the results”. - Jessica W.

“Seeing good results with this vermiculite”- Sarah M

“My mushrooms seem to like it” - Michael G

Ready to take your mushroom cultivation to the next level?

Zombie Myco is here to provide the best quality mycology supplies.

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Premium Grade Vermiculite - Soil Amendment and Plant Growth Enhancement
Sale price$0.00

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