Premium Coco Coir Brick ( 11lbs ) -100% Organic, Low EC & pH Balance

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💯 Organic

💦 Triple Washed

✅ Makes 85L

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 🌴【11LB COCO COIR BRICK】-Made from coconut husks,nutrient rich medium for substrate

🌿【FINE SCREENED】-Finely sifted to get rid of impurities

📏【EXPANDS TO 85L】-Ample growing space for cultivating

Hortiway Organic Coco Coir is an exceptional organic substrate for gardening. Made from 100% coconut coir, this 11 lb brick expands to a massive 85 liters when soaked to 6 gallons of water—enough to fill many large planters and pots. The coir has been triple washed and carefully pH and EC balanced for optimal plant growth. It retains just the right amount of water and air to keep roots healthy. Coco coir drains quickly after watering to prevent root rot, yet absorbs moisture like a sponge when the soil begins to dry out. This premium substrate is odorless, sterile and perfectly suited for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and more. Its generous size and expanding properties make it an outstanding value.

High-quality substrate 
Can be used as a substrate or casing layer.


Why Choose Hortiway’s Premium Coco Coir Brick?

We're set on providing premium quality and sustainable products. It can be used in many ways and resistant to mold and decay

What are customers are saying?

"Fantastic coco coir! It's clean, easy to use, and my plants are thriving. Definitely buying more!" - Jason F.


"Love how this coco coir retains moisture without becoming soggy. Perfect for my succulents!" - Maya


"Excellent quality coco coir that's sustainable too. My herbs have never looked healthier!" - Lucas

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Premium Coco Coir Brick ( 11lbs ) -100% Organic, Low EC & pH Balance
Sale price$24.99

What's in The Box?

we like to be transparent

Coco Coir

Coco Coir does not provide any nutritional value. It’s main purpose is a bulk substrate to hold water and increase surface area.

Discrete Box

Contents shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box. The return to sender name is also discrete.

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