Whole Organic Hulled Millet Grain - Gluten Free and Non GMO

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🌾【Gluten-Free and Nutrient-Rich】-Millet is popular because it’s packed with fiber and protein, the right choice for those who are following a gluten-free diet or just want to make their meals more nutritious.

🍚【Easy to Prepare】-It's easy to make. All you need to do is boil it like rice and they would be the perfect partner to any dish. You can also add them to different dishes or baked goods for added nutrition and texture.

🌍【Versatile Flavor】-It has a delicate and nutty flavor that partners well with any cuisine. Adding flavor and richness to any dish.

🛒【Convenient and Healthy】-These 3lb bags can be easily stored for a quick fix. They are highly digestible and give you energy minus the awful spikes and crashes.

🌱【Non-GMO and Pure】-These are grown traditionally without the use of genetic modification. They’re naturally derived from an environmentally sustainable source.

Why Choose Hortiway’s Hulled Millet Grain?

Our Millet Grains are versatile and nutritious. Packaged conveniently and can be consumed easily.That’s what we aim to do, provide quality and organic products for those looking at living a more healthier lifestyle.

What are customers are saying?

Versatile and gluten-free. Ideal for porridge and salads. Organic quality is a bonus-Mike R.


Nutritious and easy to cook. Mild flavor works in many recipes. Love the organic aspect.-Emily S.

Great taste and cooks quickly! Perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. Love that it's organic.-Sarah J.


Switching to a healthier Lifestyle?

Make the change through Hortiway’s Premium Wellness Products


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Whole Organic Hulled Millet Grain - Gluten Free and Non GMO
Sale price$15.99

What's in The Box?

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Discrete Box

Contents shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box. The return to sender name is also discrete.

Mylar Bag

Durable, lightweight, and offer excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light, helping to extend the shelf life of the contents.


Gluten-free grain is abundant in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a wholesome dietary choice.

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