All-in-One Mushroom Grow Kit ( 8lb ) - Sterilized Grain and CVG

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🍄 3lb pre-sterilized grain spawn
🍿 5lb CVG mushroom substrate
👆 Beginner-friendly

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Introducing our all-in-one Mushroom Grow Kit, designed for hassle-free home mushroom cultivation:

🍄【3 LB Pre-sterilized Grain Spawn】-Inoculated with mushroom mycelium There's no need to prepare it. Prepped for fruiting

🥥【5 LB CVG Mushroom Substrate】-Exclusive blend of coir, vermiculite, and gypsum, providing optimal surface conditions for mushroom growth.


Simply mix the spawn and substrate in your chosen container, maintain warm and humid conditions, and await your harvest. Perfect for beginners or experienced growers looking to expand their setup, our kit makes it effortless to grow oyster, lion's mane, or other edible mushrooms at home. Enjoy a plentiful yield for your culinary creations, and experience the satisfaction of homegrown mushrooms with ease.

Why Choose ZombieMyco’s All In One Mushroom Grow Kit?

Our bags are your go-to-solution for growing mushrooms with big yields. Trusted worldwide by  seasoned commercial growers and enthusiasts. They deliver consistent, high-quality crops every time.Great for people who want to try growing spores, designed with beginners in mind and easy to use. 

No need to be a pro, just sit back and enjoy the process

What Our Customers Are Saying

These are the best All In One bags I've ever used! “-Julian T.

“7 days after inoculation and I'm already seeing amazing results! As a beginner”-Ethan M.

“Completely blown away with these bags! They've reignited my love for mushroom cultivation”-Lily W.


Ready to take your mushroom cultivation to the next level?

Zombie Myco is here to provide the best quality mycology supplies.

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All-in-One Mushroom Grow Kit ( 8lb ) - Sterilized Grain and CVG
Sale price$31.99

What's in The Box?

we like to be transparent

Discrete Box

Contents shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box. The return to sender name is also discrete.

Red Milo

Red Milo is a very dense grain providing an abundant nutrition source but also provides protection agains wet rot.

Coco Coir

Coco Coir does not provide any nutritional value. It’s main purpose is a bulk substrate to hold water and increase surface area.


Vermiculite contains superior water retention abilities.


Gypsum helps ph balance the bulk substrate providing optimal growing conditions.

Unicorn Bag

We use brand name expensive Unicorn Bags so you have less bag breakages and performance.

Injection Port

Don’t open the bag! Just inject your spores / culture through the bag injection port. Easy peasy!

Filter Patch

The filter allows gas exchange inside the bag giving proper growing conditions without ever opening!

Nitrile Gloves

Practice proper sterile procedures and make sure you start off on the right foot contamination free!

Alcohol Wipe

Wipe down your injection port prior to injecting the bag!

Instruction Card

Full instruction card with scannable QR code. Follow step by step directions to increase success rates!

Free Sticker

Custom designed vinyl sticker. New stickers added monthly. Collect them all!

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