Mason Jar Lids for Ball, Plastic Caps for Canning and Storage Jars

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✅Storage Jar Lids
✅Wide and Regular Mouth

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💪【Versatile Compatibility】-Created from durable green plastic. These lids last a long time, good for home canning

🔄【Versatile Compatibility】-Wide mouth design ensures ease of filling and cleaning, fits standard Ball, Kerr, and Mason jars perfectly

📦【Ample Quantity】-Each pack has 16 lids, excellent for your canning endeavors or stocking your pantry

🚫【Spill-Proof Assurance】-Designed to avoid leaks, you don’t need to worry when you stack or move them around

🍅【Enhanced Preservation】-Make your homegrown harvest last longer or homemade meals fresher with our reusable lids

Whether you're a seasoned canner or just starting, the Hortiway mason jar lids are the perfect companions to ensure the freshness and longevity of your preserved goods


Why Choose Hortiway’s Canning Lids?

We are committed to providing top-notch products.Our Canning leads are created to make your canning journey easy and worry-free. Designed to be reusable and durable. They’re the perfect canning companion

What are customers are saying?

"These lids are a game-changer! They seal tight and keep my preserves fresh for months." - Olivia

"Love the ease of use with these lids. No more spills or leaks, just perfect seals every time!" - Ethan

"Highly impressed with the quality and durability. Perfect for my canning needs!" - Anna

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Mason Jar Lids for Ball, Plastic Caps for Canning and Storage Jars
Sale price$8.99

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Jar Lids

Versatile closures designed to seal jars securely, preserving the freshness and integrity of their contents.

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